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Things You Need To Know To Look After Betta Fish

If you are thinking about having a fish as a pet then a betta fish is one of the best options you have. Priced around an unimportant $6, you may have them without even giving another thought to your budget. Besides, betta fish are straightforward to look after. There are specific things that you must know if you want your betta fish to be more active and happier too.
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The primary thing to ensure your pet’s happiness is to get a gallon bowl for it. While most pet shop owners may try to convince you that a single cup of water is enough to keep these fish; it isn't completely right. While a Betta fish may survive in a single cup of water, it will certainly not be too healthy. To guarantee its health, you want to ideally get your pet at least a one gallon bowl if not a two gallon one.

Having a small bowl causes the water temperature to rise during the day and cold down at night. This causes extreme temperature fluctuations, which can cause your fish to become ill. Besides, a smaller bowl calls for daily change of water. But if you've got a bigger bowl, changing the water thrice in a week will serve the purpose.

Ideally, you must keep only 1 Betta in a single bowl even if the bowl is fairly large. Many people make the error of keeping a few Betta fish within a single unit without realizing that these fish rarely ever get along with one another. Even fishes of the alternative sex have a tendency to attack each other, which makes survival for either a tough prospect.

Betta fishes need heat at every point and the best water temperature for them is about seventy five to eighty Fahrenheit. While maintaining this temperature may not be a problem in the head of summers, the water does incline to cool down during nightfall, thereby, affecting the Betta’s health. You can remedy this by employing classic tube heaters to extend the water temperature. Rubber covered flaps may also be used for the same. You can also put your Betta fish on a seedling heat pad to keep them warm.

Another important thing to remember is that you should never over-feed your Betta fish. Ideally, you require to feed them only a single time a day. And make sure you’re not feeding them food that’s more than the scale of their eyes.

Thus,simply follow these convenient tips and you can look forward to a long and happy life for your Betta fish.


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